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Kinda Weird Mag is an indie magazine set to extend our love for music at a grassroots level, to celebrate the bands that have graced our stage in a closer light, to showcase art, photography, film-making and creativity in all forms at its roots.

Our new platform to document and display our amazing growing community. Carrying on the ethos of our brand to new heights, an indie magazine set to celebrate the incredible creatives, musicians and party-people we’ve come to know and love.

We are here for creatives from all avenues, we want to showcase and broadcast you!!! Whether you’re photographers, filmmakers, animators, musicians, artists, coders, bloggers, visionaries, actors, directors, writers, crafters, illustrators, stylists, comedians, activists, independent businesses, charities, simply voices, simply those who have something to say, so on and so forth. (@KINDAWEIRDMAGAZINE)

Kinda Weird Mag will be an independent celebration and documentation of all those who feature in it; a physical, printed, salute to like-minded beacons of art and community. Get involved.

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