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Charlie Bungay

Kinda Weird Founder

Illustrator / Event Organiser / Writer / Singer / Movie-buff / Live-music & Beer Lover / Interviewer / A bit of a klutz. 


Alfie Bungay

Kinda Weird Founder

 In-House Photographer / Cocktail Bartender / Musician / Producer / Live-music & Beer Lover / All round sound geezer.



Alex Butcher

Kinda Weird Founder

Bassist / Music Business Graduate / Event Organiser / Live-music & Beer Lover / Gamer / All round wicked dude. (@BUTCH_INSTA)


julianna hopkins

Kinda Weird Legend

 Drummer / Event Organiser / Percussionist / Singer / Live-music & Beer Lover / All round wonderful person. (@JULIANNA_HOPKINS)


Captured by the incredible illustrator: Aleena Keith. (@aleena_mk) thank you so much for portraying the Kinda Weird in us.

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